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An introduction to Equilor Befektetési Zrt.



Equilor Befektetési Zrt. (Equilor Investment Ltd.) is one of the most significant financial companies in Hungary. It was formed 27 years ago, at the time of the establishment of the modern Hungarian capital market, when the Hungarian Stock Exchange was reopened (The Budapest Stock Exchange was closed in 1948 after the Communist takeover).

Equilor is present not only in the Hungarian Stock Exchange but is also a full member of the Prague and Warsaw Stock Exchanges. The range of services offered by Equilor covers all areas of a classic investment service provider with respect to Hungarian and foreign securities and foreign currency transactions. With the help of their highly skilled staff they successfully meet the needs and requirements of several thousand private and institutional investors. The company has been dealing with portfolio and asset management for over 15 years. Its own trust fund, the Equilor Alapkezelő (Equilor Fund Management) manages its own investment funds with yields exceeding the yields realised by its competitors.

If you wish to open a securities account at Equilor, please contact us! For those opening a securities account via LAVECO Ltd. in the financial year 2018, the company will not charge its securities account maintenance fee for one whole year.